REALTORS Care® Foundation Grant application process

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The Board’s REALTORS Care® Committee will invite OREB Members to submit endorsement letters on behalf of shelter-related charities they support. The process usually begins in the early spring. The Committee then reviews the endorsements to ensure that the charities meet the definition of shelter, invites those eligible for grants to apply, reviews the applications, and submits them to the Foundation on behalf of the applicants with an endorsement letter from the Board President appended. This process ensures that funds raised by Board members are granted to charities that Board members support.

Invite Members to send in letters of endorsement.

The Board send out notices to all Members, via MemNews and other means, inviting them to endorse a charity they have an existing relationship with and to send an endorsement letter to the REALTORS Care® Committee at the Board before the deadline.

Committee meets to review the charities endorsed by Members, and determine whether or not those charities meet the Foundation’s definition of “shelter.”

Board staff invites those eligible for grants to apply.

The charities who met the definition of a shelter are invited to submit an application to the Board. The completed applications are viewed to determine whether to recommend to the Foundation to award them grants, and in what amount, based on Members’ involvement, the project requiring funding, and the definition of shelter.

Board sends all the grant request applications to the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation

All grant applications will be sent to the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation by the Board, along with a signed letter of endorsement by the President of the Board. All these applications will be sent to the Foundation in time to meet their grant application deadline.

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