Eastern Ontario Real Estate Boards Exploring Integration

June 27, 2024

The Cornwall & District Real Estate Board, Kingston and Area Real Estate Association, Ottawa Real Estate Board, Renfrew County Real Estate Board and Rideau-St. Lawrence Real Estate Board are working together to explore regional integration.  

Just as PropTx is being adopted to elevate the resources, tools and data we offer, at the core of this exploration is building value. Our organizations are always working to enhance the services we offer our REALTOR® Members to support their professional needs, help them compete in a changing real estate landscape and help them provide unparalleled service to clients.

Integration is being considered because it could bring the regional boards together to establish more influential and capable organization(s) that can meet significant industry developments head-on while effectively representing local interests. This could be achieved through various options, such as an expansion of existing shared services, a merger with one or more of the existing boards, or amalgamation into a new corporation.

Ultimately, a decision to merge or amalgamate in any way must, and will, be brought to Members of all boards for a vote. A task force made up of representatives from each board has been assembled to ensure good governance while options are examined before being brought to the memberships. Transparency is of the utmost importance, and we commit to keeping all Members informed.

The potential of an integrated organization, and the possibilities of what we can build together are exciting. That said, we want Members and other stakeholders to understand this is a complex process that is being given careful attention, thought and time.